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We the parishioners of Agrar had organized a short felicitation program for two of our newly ordained priests on the day of their Thanksgiving Eucharist. Both, Rev. Fr. Wilson Lobo and Rev. Fr. Marvin Frank are Pallottine priests who were having their diaconate ministry at Farla and Agrar Church respectively.




The entire ceremony of Holy Week began with the way of the cross from Holy Cross ward to Church at 07. 30 in the morning followed by Holy Eucharist.  Rev. Fr. Jacob Alwares presided over the Eucharist. and Deacon Marvin shared the Word of God where he emphasized on the willingness of Jesus to suffer. Most of the faithful were present in this spiritual activity.



Parish Priest Speaks...

It is my pleasure to meet my parishioners and friends through this site. Lent is a holy season, where we receive grace after grace which gives us new life. The timely theme “Reconciliation with God and Neighbour through the Sacrament of Confession” is rightly fitting for our diocese to the year 2014 to develop a cordial relationship with one another. Above all Lent is the apt time to reflect and change one’s own life style, thinking pattern, and relating method. It is said that it is easy to feel sorry for one’s own faults against God and through the virtue of humility. Therefore, I pray and wish that in my parish all the 311 families with 1,485 faithful live in peace and harmony. All the bitten experience be washed away by the blood of Christ and be a Spirit-filled vibrant Parish community to celebrate the Easter joy.
I wish you all a prayerful and grace filled Lenten Season. May God bless you all.

Fr. Benjamin Pinto
The Parish Priest, Agrar Church



Lent is a season of grace and healing. In this special season of lent our parish provides extraordinary concern for the sick and disabled. In our parish more than 30 faithful find difficult to be part of Braking of Word and Bread every Sunday. Therefore, in this season of healing a tremendous effort has been put in to grant some spiritual nourishment for the needy and the sick. Along with parish priest few of the ward people gather together in each house of the sick people on each day and spend few minutes by celebrating Holy Eucharist and praying for the needy brethren. This kind of spiritual ministry has enhanced the sick person to regain the lost thirst for spiritual exercises. They have found immense joy and inner happiness to cope up with their burden and sickness. By this their spiritual life is nourished as well as faith is nurtured. Therefore on this occasion I as parish priest acknowledge and thank all the faithful for carrying out the ministry of Christ for the underprivileged and being the part of mission of Church.




The students are standing on their top of the toe to say goodbye to the academic year 2013-14 and the teachers are on the way to bring out the best results for the year before they say goodbye.  At this tension-filled situation here there are few cherishing moments of the academic year of three schools of our Parish, namely, The Christa Jyothi High School, Agrar Church Higher Primary School and Holy Saviour English Medium School. The students along with their ever encouraging staff had many memorable moments. The esteem moments at picnics… the joy at receiving bicycles and other privileges…. Moments of becoming aware of underprivileged citizens…. Delighted moments at Christmas, Teacher's Day, Children’s Day and so on… Activities at seminars and camps… Disciplining moments at Assembly…. Highly spirited moments at sports and games ….  Pressure, Tension and confusing moments of exams….  Days of honour, respect and tribute to the nation…. Days of gratitude and appreciation for our effort… above all the ever supportive moments from the management made our school days a happy days. At this juncture we render our deep bow to the entire team who worked for our success.



23rd of March, 2014 is a day of blessing for our Parish where our Parish Pastoral Parishad (PPP) had a fruitful training and discussion for a half day. The entire training began with the Holy Eucharist presided over by Very Rev. Fr. Valerian Menezes, the Judicial Vicar of Mangalore Diocese and the resource person of the day. Soon after the Mass the PPP members of our neighbouring parish, Farla joined us for the training. The training continued with the breakfast. There was a short stage program of welcoming the gathering, introducing the resource persons namely, Very Rev. Fr. Valerian Menezes the Diocesan Judicial Vicar and one of the resource persons of the day along with Mr. L. J. Fernandes a lay faithful, the retired professor were present. Both the Parishes’ Parish Priests with their newly elected Vice Presidents and Secretaries of Parish Pastoral Parishads for the period of 2014-17 were on the dice.  Rev. Fr. Manohar the Parish Priest of Farla led the training with a prayer; Mr. Pius L. Rodrigues welcomed the trainers and trainee followed by the lighting of the lamp. Rev. Fr. Benjamin Pinto introduced the purpose of training. Finally stage program concluded with a vote of thanks by Mr. Santhosh Sequiera the secretary of PPP of Agrar Church. The entire program was led by Miss Odrin D’Souza.


sunday cetechism 2014

Our Church celebrated the Catechism Sunday on 2nd of March which began with the Holy Eucharist and followed by a short felicitation ceremony for the teachers and children. Fr. Benjamin Pinto the Parish Priest, Deacon Marvin Frank, Mr. Pius L. Rodrigues the Vice President of Parish Pastoral Parishad of Agrar Church, Mr. Santhosh Sequeira the Parish Secretary of Parish Pastoral Parishad, Mrs Elizabeth Sequeira the convener of Sunday Catechism were present to witness the show. 12 of the Catechism teachers were felicitated for their commitment in bringing the students in Christian faith. Along with this, the untiring 50 years of service in the field of Sunday Catechism of Miss. Margarita Frank was acknowledge and honoured at the program. Around 75 students of Sunday Catechism received their honour was the moment of the show.